If you are serious about skincare, serums are not an optional extra. Many people ask me if serums are really necessary if they already use a good moisturiser. My answer – absolutely! I like to think of serums as the secret weapon in one’s skincare arsenal.

Although almost weightless, serums are very powerful! Designed to be quickly absorbed into the skin, serums effectively deliver essential phyto-nutrients. Unlike moisturisers, whose main task is to form a protective barrier on the skin, serums target specific skin concerns and work directly to eradicate them.

Serums are developed to be lightweight, sometimes it even feels as if you are applying water, so no heaviness, oiliness or residue. Even on oily or acne-prone skin, you will not experience clogging of the pores and subsequent breakouts. Despite the light texture, serums are packed full of potent ingredients that go to work directly on your epidermis achieving spectacular results.

There are a number of serums on the market and it can be confusing to know which is best for you. I advise my clients to identify their skin concern and choose a serum that targets the specific issue. For example, Kalahari’s Phyto-Bright Serum is recommended for hyper-pigmentation and our Instant Lifting Serum for anti-ageing concerns.

If you do not have a specific skin condition, then an all-rounder serum is the way to go. Tackle dehydration and dull skin with our Radiance Day Serum, fortified with concentrated extracts of Kigelia Africana, Cucumber and Rooibos Tea. Daily use of this antioxidant-rich serum will ensure ongoing rejuvenation and optimal hydration of your skin.

If you are serious about your skin, you seriously should consider a serum!

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