18 feb

My Day starts the Night Before
The Jewish people start their day at 6pm and I think they are on to something! I like to plan my day the night before. That way I can think through everything that needs to be done and get it clear in my own mind.

Write it Down
I am an avid list maker. Part of my daily preparation is a detailed to-do list. I also ensure that I prioritize that list so that it actually gets done! Nothing worse than a to-do list that never ends.

Do the Hard things first
Michael Hyatt talks about slaying dragons before breakfast and I love the imagery. Do your most difficult task first. The thing that is bugging you, the thing you are worrying about, get it done first thing. That way, you do not have to spend energy worrying about it. And you always have more energy in the morning!

Delegate, delegate, delegate
I know this is a difficult one to do. Especially for all the perfectionists out there. But remember, great leaders grow others. That includes letting others make mistakes, fail and try again. Tasks that I absolutely do not have to do, are delegated. I believe in the team around me and have confidence that they can achieve greatness.

Outsource personal chores
I am an international businesswoman and I have a family with a home to run and chores to do. There is no shame in outsourcing small jobs. Create employment, manage your energy and live wisely!

Say NO
This is a big one. We are stewards of our own lives and our own time. Time, once given, can never be relived. So make every moment count. Do not spend time doing something that you actually should not, or do not want to be doing. Many people struggle to say no because we are concerned about what others may think of us. Fear of man is a dangerous trap, don’t fall into it!

Set a Time Limit for Meetings
Meetings are important, but it is more important to have a well run, productive meeting. Staff meetings should never exceed an hour. I ensure that I am always well prepared and expect the same of my employees. Stick to the facts and deal with the issues. If one person needs to discuss something further, set a separate time for that.

Online Rules
Let’s face it, we can all get overwhelmed by that inbox. I set specific times to answer email each day and have trained myself not to constantly keep checking back. Personal social media is a NO NO during work hours – just say NO!

Capture Ideas
I am always having ideas. Big ideas, small ideas, wild ideas, bad ideas – but it is important to capture them all. I carry a small notebook around with me to write down my ideas as I have them. I also take photos and notes on my phone to remind myself of beautiful things I have seen and experienced and want to remember. That way, when it comes time to plan new ventures, all my ideas are already on hand.

Life-long learning
The world around us is evolving so fast. New technologies are arriving almost every day. We have access to a plethora of teachings, books, webinars and seminars. I am always reading a collection of books across a wide range of topics. I make a point of learning at least one new thing each day. It keeps you humble and teachable… and that is something we all need!

Skriv et svar

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