All About Exfoliation

No matter how young your face looks, your hands are the billboards that truly announce your age to the world. Consider that your hands are exposed to harmful UV rays, pollution and harsh detergents daily, and yet are

Reflections on 2014

The end of 2014 is upon us and I am sure you are also frantically busy with strict deadlines, social year end functions and the search for the perfect Christmas gift! I love the heightened activity and sense

Capturing the Kalahari Lifestyle… Day 4

Capturing the Kalahari Lifestyle… DAY FOUR Day four took us to the heart of the Kalahari. While the Americans adjusted to African time, Carina connected with the indigenous ‘veld’ experts discovering even more ancient desert secrets to share

Capturing the Kalahari Lifestyle… Day 3

Capturing the Kalahari Lifestyle… DAY THREE Day three of filming took the team to the pans of the Kalahari Desert. This amazing place is the inspiration behind the Kalahari brand #filming #infomercial #kalaharilifestyle

Capturing the Kalahari Lifestyle – Day 2

KALAHARI GOES LIVE… Day TWO Kalahari’s launch into USA Carina and the team go into the wild! What an incredible shoot.


KALAHARI GOES LIVE… Day One Kalahari’s launch into USA is just a few months away and we want you to share in the excitement of shooting our first infomercial. Join Carina Franck and Hollywood producer, Myron Nash, on

Stories from my journal: New Aromatic Diffuser

Africa is a true paradise of botanical treasures with many of these plants’ true properties yet to be unearthed!   On a recent visit to a friend’s farm her father picked us the most beautiful pink flower, fresh from

Stories from my journal: Enzyme Face Buff

Some of my earliest memories are of the early mornings when I would lie in my warm bed and hear my dad opening the back door with the noisy milk pail in his hand on his way to

Welcome to the Kalahari Lifestyle Journey!

  Follow the footprints of the people in Africa. A journey that would leave bookmarks in your heart! This website is a new way of staying connected with the journey.